The Emma Skipp Band want your event to be tailored to your exact requirements, and we can provide all of the following bespoke services: *

First Dance song

We may be able to learn your first dance song.  This will depend mostly on the genre, and if it can be arranged for the band to perform. We ask you for a minimum of two months notice.

Special musical arrangements

We can usually adapt a song (or songs) to be fitting for a specific part of the ceremony.  For example, you may only want a certain section of a song whilst you walk up or down the aisle or you may want a special arrangement of two or three songs for the signing of the register.

PA System for speeches

Are the people giving speeches used to public speaking?  Is it a large room?  Will they be heard? If your venue is unable to help with this then you may want to consider using our PA so as not to miss any hilarious moments!

DJ after hours

You may have a agreed a late licence with your venue and therefore  require the DJ to play for longer than our standard times.

Anything else?

Please ask us if there is anything else that we can do ‘to go that extra mile’ to help make your event a truly special one for you to remember.  We take great pride in giving our clients exactly what they want, and if you can think of something that we haven’t (as long as it’s both musical and legal!) we’re definitely open to your suggestions…….

* Additional cost to be discussed on an individual needs basis.