Here is some very useful information!

Walking down the aisle

‘It only takes a minute girl’……… No, not a song suggestion but just one minute is the approximate length of time it takes to walk down a standard aisle!  So when choosing your music (whether its to be played through a device, or performed by us) make sure you are using, or asking for, the specific section you are most attached to.


If you plan to use your phone to play music from make sure it’s on “Airplane Mode” as getting a text or call at full volume through a PA system might just ruin the moment!

First Dance song

Whether you choose us to perform your first dance song (see our “On Request” section) or you play a recording of the song, make sure all the lyrics are suitable. Are they conveying the right message for that moment?

Signing of the register

If you have chosen our “Ultimate Package” and we are performing during the signing of the register it’s advisable to chose 2 or 3 songs as this section of the ceremony can be anything from seven to ten minutes long.  We may be able to do a special arrangement (see our “On Request” section) of your song choices for you so they are more fitting for this important formality.


What are the venue playing whilst your guests arrive and during dining? Are you happy with their choice or do you want to create and provide your own playlists? Venues should be able to accommodate what you would like.


This can notoriously be the longest part of the day for your guests so alongside your drinks reception why not treat everyone to a nice live lounge set while they wait?